Old Age Travellers?

Our Sons gave us the name when we first started Motor-homing.  They would say:
“There go the Old Age Travellers, off  in the Passion Wagon again!”Steve & Judy photo

Well, it wasn’t actually when we started Motor-Homing, it was when we bought our first proper Motorhome as apposed to a Camper Van.

Steve had actually been camping since he was three months old. Then Caravanning with his parents, Finally towing the caravan himself for them, when he passed his driving test.

When we first got together we bought a 12-seat Land Rover Safari, to go away camping in, with a mattress in the back and a couple of old “Primus Stoves” for cooking. We then bought a Fiat 850 camper van which was tiny in comparison to the Land Rover but had a kitchen a sink and four beds albeit that the boys beds were hammocks in the push-up roof. We had a Post Office General Stores at the time and that poor little Fiat also did the deliveries and the Cash-&-Carry run, we had it for a few years until the boys got too big to fit in their tiny beds.

Our final Camper-van was a Toyota Hi-Ace and Steve made a removable kitchen so it could double as a delivery van for our DIY business but finally the boys grew up and were no longer interested in going away with Mum-n-Dad, so we then had a few years when we were just too busy to get away.

Swift Herald

We finally started proper Motorhoming when a friend offered us his Swift Herald coach-built Motorhome for the price a dealer was offering. That did us very well for a few years, until we were at a Motorhome show and jumped into the nearest van to avoid getting soaked when the heavens opened. We both sat there and said “This is perfect for us”.

So we part exchanged the Herald for the low profile Maxzone Silver Jubilee which was

Maxzone Silver Jubilee

specially built to our requirements, we had it for ten years until we retired to France and it was not possible to register it there, so we had to sell it, but it had done us well and taken us all round Morocco three times.


“le Voyageur” A-Class

Our next Motorhome was a French built “le Voyageur” A-Class. A fantastic Motorhome on a Mercedes chassis which we really miss but it had a very limited pay-load and couldn’t cope with the amount we needed to carry for being away for much longer periods.


Our latest is a Hymer B614SL Star Edition A-Class which we bought in June 2017 and have called it “Jemima the Hymer”,

Hymer B614SL Star Edition

it has a gross weight of 4,500 kg, is fully insulated and we hope will take us to Scandinavia and the North Cape in Norway at the top of the world, which is actually the furthest north you can drive. We have driven down to the Tropic of Cancer in Western Sahara, Morocco so it is only right that we drive to the Arctic Circle and above.

We love our long trips in our Motorhome and although we haven’t kept a complete record we have probably travelled over 250,000 km and hopefully will continue for many years to come.

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Steve & Judy with Jemima the Hymer and now also Suzie the scooter.

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