Two Brits Touring America

This is the question I asked on the internet forum  RVbasics which  produced many realy helpful suggestions which helped us get our basic itinerary planned which we did with an amazing free program called  “Tyre”   which uses Google Maps to plan and optimise the itinerary then outputs it in a form which can be used directly in TomTom or Garmin GPS units.

Hi Folks,
I asked a question on here a few months ago and got some fantastic replies so I am back again for more info.
We are two Brits 60+ living in France and wanting to tour America in an RV for just less than 3 months (visa waiver only allowes 90 days).  After all your advice we have reduced our ideas to a 6,000 mile itinerary around the western states.  Our trusted travel agent will only deal with Cruise America so we are about to book the package which includes 85 days hire with them from the beginning of May 2011 till the beginning of August 2011, so a few questions.
1. Is it worth taking their Kitchen and personal packs at $100 & $50 per person or could we just go to Wallmart and buy pots pans sleeping bags and every thing else for less than $300 then possibly sell them at the end or give them to the poor or put them in the trash?
2. In Europe we “Wild Camp” (Boon-dock) all the time finding wonderful quiet spots and views etc.  Is it safe, allowed or even advisable for USA virgins?  Bearing in mind that we do not carry guns like the guy in the WallMart car park incident and our rented RV will not have the alarms and security locks on every opening like the one we have here in France.
3. Part of the CA conditions is that any accident is notified to them from the scene so it looks as if a Cell Phone is essential.  Is it possible to get Pay-as-you-Go sim cards that I can fit in my phone if so which is the best and is there adequate coverage in the vast expanse of the western states.
4. Is WI-Fi internet freely available I will need to check Bank accounts etc on such a long trip and would you believe do my French Tax return because they have a limited window in which to do it!
5. Unlimited generator time is allowed for $510 plus tax or $3 per hour not knowing the American RV’s I don’t know whether one is needed or not the one we have in our Motorhome here has only done about an hour in the past four years but we do not have Air Con and Microwave etc.

I will leave it at that but am sure I will have other questions as the time gets nearer.  I don’t manage to read all the posts on the group which are many so would appreciate if you could copy any replies to me at as well as to the group.

Thanks for your indulgence.

Steve & Judy
“The Old Age Travellers in the passion wagon”


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