Sent from Twin Falls, Idaho

Sunday 3rd July

By the time we had sent the blog last night we thought it too late to find a nice restaurant so we just had a night in at Wal*Mart.
Up early to get a good spot for the 9:30am start of the Sunday Parade which was great fun then we wandered around the stalls in the City Park then tried “Corn Dogs” & “Buffalo Burgers” for lunch then listening to some live Country & Western on the stage. We then wandered along the town looking in the shops. One was a cowboy supply shop which included bespoke saddle making the waiting list was four years for a made to measure which would cost around $15,000 an “off the peg” was around $3,500 and second hand from $2,500.
In one shop we chatted with the assistant about where to get a good steak and she recommended the “Steak & Chop” so back to the van first to go to the Launderette to get our washing done then back to the car park to have a rest then shower and change to go for Steve’s Birthday meal.
Oops we should have booked, at 8pm they were queuing outside so we put our names down for a table and were told to come back in about an hour. Well half an hour later we tried our luck and they fitted us in. Well it really was the best steak either of us could ever remember having so worth the wait and a perfect celebration meal for Steve’s Birthday.
So well satisfied we drove back to Wal*Mart for the night.

Monday 4th July (Independence Day)

After the wonderful meal the night before we slept in a bit and almost got caught out by the road blocks but managed to find our way by the back streets to our car park then to the main street to watch the parade. As today was the main parade the street was heaving with people but we managed to find a spot under some trees as Steve had got his legs a bit sunburned yesterday. The parade was the same as yesterday with a few extra entries but the atmosphere was much better. For lunch we finally found the “Elks Lodge” who were providing lunch, which we had failed to find yesterday. We had a great lunch for $6 each and met some really nice people. So back to Wal*Mart with the other 50 or so motor-homes for a rest before heading off to the Rodeo.
It was a complete sell out so the stand was packed. The seating was aluminum benches but they had measured out the spacing before the American Behinds had become the size they are now! We were ok because there were a few children on our bench which evened out the spacing. But it was quite comical watching 12 large rear ends trying to fit in space enough for only about eight!
The Rodeo was good and if we hadn’t seen the Navajo one we would have been very pleased with it but it was “Professional” and did not have the spirit of the amateur one. But we enjoyed it very much.
Back to Wal*Mart to get ringside seats on the nice grass hillock at the back of the store to watch the fireworks which were great but the heavens opened just before the finale and everybody had to make a run for their vehicles.

Tuesday 5th July

Up early again to drive back to Yellowstone via the “Bear-tooth Highway” described as the best drive in the USA. You may remember we had intended to go into the park this way but the road had been washed out so we had to change course and go via Jackson Hole which we are really glad we did because we so enjoyed Jackson.
The Highway was fantastic with phenomenal views and climbing to 11,000 ft but not quite as exhilarating as the Tis-n-Tes in Morocco which was two way but mainly single track and no crash barriers with 3,000 ft drops over the edge. The Highway was wide two lane with crash barriers all the way. Sorry America, one up to Morocco!
The highway finished at the North east gate of Yellowstone where we finished visiting the last quarter of the park. We had a bit of excitement when we came across a bear jam but this time a Black Bear was playing with the traffic, not a good situation for the bear or the public so the rangers were trying to persuade him it was not a good place by scaring him off with thunder flashes shot from a distance with a special rifle.
Finished at Yellowstone we visited their dump station to get drained down for the next few days then headed out to the National Forest to find a campground for the night.
Till next time,
Steve & Judy

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