Sent from Ripon Library, Ripon California

Tuesday 26th till 31st July
We decided to have a relaxing end to our holiday as we had seen all we wanted to and needed to sort out the motorhome ready for taking it back.
So we just sat read walked in the forest and had campfires in the evenings to cook our dinner really nice.
Except for Friday 29th July when we went into June Lake about 12 miles away for the day as they had a music festival on.
We spent the afternoon on top of June Mountain listening to a concert. The tickets included a ride up in the open ski lift which was great giving us panoramic views. The weather was not good being a bit cold towards the end and tried to rain all afternoon but luckily kept off until just after we got off the ski lift on the way down. But an enjoyable afternoon out .
Monday 1st August
We set off after breakfast to take a ride up to the top of Mammoth Mountain as we had heard there were terrific views of the whole area we had been visiting in the past couple of weeks, and yes it was superb at 11,000 feet in the snow with the sun shining and stunning views and watching the mountain bikers setting off to ride down. We took the gondola down though, then set off towards Lee Vining again where we had been told there was a very good world famous restaurant where we should stop for lunch.
Well it was actually in the Mobil Garage! the lunch was good but just usual American lunchtime food. We shared a very large plate of Jambalaya which was a spicy bean stew and a very large salad with hunks of bread on the side.
They did have an evening menu though which may have been a bit more gourmet.
But we enjoyed it so after a little nap we headed off across Yosemite National Park to the spot in the Stanislaus Forest where we had stayed before.
We had a good drive across but the park was again very busy and we spent a pleasant evening in the forest.
Tuesday 2nd August
We left our spot in the forest to drive towards San Francisco and the car wash we had found on our way through before. So we washed the van dropped some things off at the thrift shop and are now in Ripon Library where we have checked-in on-line for our flight and are ready to return the motorhome and go to San Francisco Airport for our return flight tomorrow.
We hope you all have enjoyed our USA travels because we certainly have had a fantastic time, seen some amazing sights and had some great experiences and met some really lovely people. Every person we have met has been extremely welcoming and helpful. So for our first visit to the USA totally successful and we are talking about coming again but I think next time we will ship our own motorhome which is far more comfortable and uses a fraction of the fuel.
So till next time…………….
Steve & Judy

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