Morocco 2014 – Azrou to Tanger Med and Home

Thursday 06/03/2014
Judy was worse this morning so we set off towards Tanger Med so if she needs a doctor we will soon be in Spain, apart from the odd yelp when we hit a bump she did very well and in fact perked up quite a bit so I was able to drive vertually non stop. I didn’t take the Motorway because it was quite a bit further and I have no idea whether their are regular service areas if Judy needed to stop. But the roads were quite bumpy so in retrospect perhaps I should have.
We arrived at the port at about 8pm and were through security , x-Ray and other checks by 20:30 much quicker than coming in! giving time for me to prepare a cup of soup which she managed to drink and looks to be over the worst and has got her colour back.
The ferry is supposed to be at 23:00 but will probably be midnight.
Apart from the last couple of days this has been a great couple of months, we have taken it much slower and have enjoyed every minute especially the three weeks at Tafraoute which is a lovely place. When we come next we have decided that the best bet would be to just head down the motorway to Agadir, see our friend Ismail then head for Tafraoute for a couple of months and probably get the body damage fixed!
The best advance this year is sorting the internet out, I bought a 3G router in Tafrauute and a long cable so I could tape the dongle to the CB Ariel and cover it with a small plastic tonic bottle for protection from the elements, which has enabled us to have virtually 24/7 internet even on the move, so listening to BBC Radio 2 while driving. The router has given us local  wifi in the van so Tablets, laptop phones and iPod have been constantly connected. Maroc Telecom give a 400mb daily allowance with the speed throttled after that and even with the radio on for about 14 hours a day and unlimited use of all the other devices even buying a couple of Kindle books we have had no problems whatsoever even miles from anywhere in the desert, the odd time it has cut out while going down into a valley or something but generally “always on” and all for just  €10 per month. I wish we could get even close to that service in Europe.
So when the ferry finally comes we will spend the night near Mercadona in Algeceras then make our way back through Spain dropping in to see friends as we go, then back in time to sort out the French and UK tax returns before heading to the UK for our annual visit.
Thanks for subscribing to our blog if you have done, hope you find it interesting. If you have just clicked on a link again hope the content is interesting, if you have come from a google search and I know some must have from some of the country flags we have collected then welcome and I hope it has been interesting for you also. Please send us an email.
Best wishes to all.
Steve & Judy

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