Croatia Trip September 2015 Post 4

Day 13 Monday 21/09/2015 – Still 93,438 on Speedo

We woke early to get to the bus stop which was just outside the camp site. A very friendly lady who could speak a little English explained to the driver where we wanted to go, pointed out a few things on the way, like the enormous yacht in the bay which was owned by Mr Abramovich. She then told us and all the other tourists on the bus where to get of and the direction down the hill to walk to the Old Town’. We intended to take the morning walking tour so had about an hour to wait so had a coffee and stroll while waiting for our guide. The walking tour was very good, quite heavy on history and the war which was interesting because we knew very little about it so it was good to get the personal perspective of our young guide who was only two at the time, she got quite emotional while telling us. The tour finished at the port so a beer and sandwich seemed appropriate before we tackled the “Wall” a completely intact perimeter walkway high up round the city, a mile long with very many steps, but our guide had advised us to start at the port end so all the steps up were done at the

beginning which was good advice. Looking across the rooftops you could see all the new tiles on the roofs which showed the very many houses which were bombed.
It was a nice thing to do and an interesting view of the old city but a bit strenuous. After we finished the walk an even bigger beer was called for.


Yesterday Steve’s brother had sent an email advising us to stay for the evening because the streets glistened. So we walked around a bit more then found a restaurant for a meal which took us till it got dark. He was right the marble streets polished by millions of feet over the years just shone like polished silver.


We had enquired earlier as to where to catch our bus back to the camp site and were told we had to go to the bus station and read that it was a just a ten minute walk, well, 45 minutes later we just caught the bus as it had a few passengers to load it then drove right back where we had come from, doh…. So a very good 14 hour day, Judy was fine after all the walking, we just need to get her appetite up.
Day 14 Tuesday 22/09/2015 – Still 93,438 on Speedo
Had a lazy day today just resting with a short walk to the local shop then we booked a boat trip to the three islands for Wednesday. At about 4 pm a GB van pulled in and we got talking and it turned out we both belonged to the same very friendly Funsters club we drank their bottle of wine then drank our bottle of wine and had a good evening chatting over our different travels.
Day 15 Wednesday 23/09/2015 – Still 93,438 on Speedo
The boat was to pick us up at 10:30 from the little harbour which was down a very steep hill from the campsite. It actually arrived at 10:45 as soon as we boarded and were underway the Captain broke out the drinks and tried very hard to get us to try the local brandy at 11am we declined and had a soft drink. The boat visited the three islands with quite a bit of free time to explore each. Lunch of delicious grilled fish or chicken was served with copious amounts of very good local wine or brandy if you dared. Arriving back at our little harbour at about 7pm. Their was a little Pizza restaurant there so we shared a pizza and salad before the walk up the very steep hill to then just collapse into bed. What a great day.
Day 16 Thursday 24/09/2015 – Still 93,438 on Speedo
After looking at the maps and reading the Meteo which predicted storms today we decided to move on and head for Montenegro which because we have French insurance we are covered for which the English vans were not and talking to Rory the Brit we had met the night before, they weren’t covered for the 30k trip through Bosnia either. Shows how narrow minded the UK insurers are. We are covered for all countries bordering the Med just to be sure we raked out our Green card and sure enough a very long list af countries where we have full cover including breakdown and recovery.
We slowly packed up paid at the office and left about 12noon. Just as we were emptying our waste tank the heavens opened and it got harder and harder. Driving along our wipers just couldn’t cope with the amount of rain, then because we had got wet just before we left the screen started to steam up and the demister couldn’t cope. We were driving trying to wipe the screen which is three feet in front of us with a long handled squeegee. The road was hugging the cliff as usual so there was just nowhere to stop. Not knowing what the cost of fuel was in Montenegro we stopped at the last station in Croatia, who also had an air line which could cope with our rear tires at 80psi
Because the air temperature had gone down significantly since we left home our new Tyre Pressure alarm on the dash was screaming at us that the rear tire pressures were too low.
That all done we soon arrived at the boarder and were just nodded out of Croatia then joined the queue for entry to Montenegro. Steve greeted the grumpy customs man with a cheery “Hello” and actually got a reluctant “hello” back. Then he asked for our vehicle documents which luckily Judy had retrieved from our safe while in the queue. He checked our green card very carefully then stamped our passports and we were on our way.
We found a nice camper spot by about 4:30 with a very friendly man at reception who lent us a map and guide book of Montenegro so we could spend the ev Ning planning what we were going to do here then after a short walk to the local shop settled down for dinner and planning our stay to the accompaniment of thunder and lightning and continious rain on the roof. But the meteo says sunshine tomorrow, we hope.
Stopped at 16;30 – 93519 – only 81km today – Autokamp Naluka – 42.48703N, 18.65153E

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