Croatia Trip September 2015 Post 6

Oh dear, I was so busy trying to quickly learn the new Blogging software that I got the post number wrong last time, that’s the trouble with Cut-n-Paste. I have just changed it so I hope Google don’t email it all out again to you all. Just delete it if they do.

Thanks for your comments by email, I  am really pleased that some of you are enjoying our travels, wish you were here, (not really it would be a bit cramped). I didn’t activate comments in the blog because I think  it can be distracting but I am open to your views,

I mentioned the fire we passed through in the last post so here are a P1040922couple of photos.There was P1040921about ten miles of this. We heard later that it took seven days to get it under control. The top end of the peninsular being completely cut off. It must have been very frightening.

Please note that you can click on the photos to see them full size and if you go to the web page at you can view our whole online album. Judy has already taken over a thousand pics so far so only a selection of course.

Day 19 Sunday 27/09/2015 – Still 93,928 on Speedo  

A lazy day today, sitting and Steve working on the blog getting very frustrated with it as posting photos was not working as he wanted. Especially with a tiny screen smaller than A4 when he works with four screens at home.P1040950

Took a nice long walk round the bay to the village and beyond and think we found the restaurant where our friends parked in the garden a few years ago but no sign of that now.  then we were treated to a magnificent sunset, perhaps as a result of the “Super Moon” reported to be happening tonight.



Day 20 Monday 28/09/2015 – Still 93,928 on Speedo

Steve is really excited, he has found some blogging software on the internet and is waiting for it to download with the really slow internet. Of course` everybody is on it as well in the morning. But they have to sit outside the site office while he can use it in the van using our long range aerial from 100 meters away. But it eventually downloaded and it is doing exactly as he wanted.

Another very long walk exploring a bit more of the end of the peninsular, what a very nice quiet place.

Day 21 Tuesday 298/09/2015 – Still 93,928 on Speedo

Decided to move on but can’t decide whether to take the ferry which leaves at midday or to drive the 100km. decided to see what time we` get to the ferry turn off to decide. By the time we` had packed up drained and filled our tanks and paid it was 10:00 before we left. The site was a bit more expensive than we were told as there were tourist taxes on top so about 19 euros a night, but an exceptionally clean and well appointed site. We actually used the showers here as it was so clean. We usually use our own in the van.

When we reached the turning we decided to take the ferry and were really pleased we did. It was P1040971P1040977only about £27 for an hours cruise to save the 100km extra drive and the timing worked fine.The ferry arrived right on time.But will it take all these cars?P1040983

Yep, with space to spare and Steve somehow ignored English politeness and we were near the end of the queue somehow we arrived right at the front.P1040993

The amazing view of the Croatia shoreline with a very narrow strip of usable land before the towering mountains behind,





Stopped at 16;30 – 94076 – 147km today – Camping Split – 42.50382N, 16,52684E

This was actually the site we rejected on the way south because it lP1050046looked too commercial. But we had been told that it was a good place to get a bus into Split which we were told was worth seeing.

The site was very regimented  but had good sized pitches and all the facilities you could want, but most we didn’t need, so a bit overpriced for our needs .

Day 22 Wednesday 30/09/2015 – Still 94076 on Speedo

We caught the large bendy bus at 09:30 in the morning which became very crowded  and at one point Judy came over a bit feint because of the heat in the bus.

The Old Roman Town for us was a bit disappointing, it was P1050026P1050029still lived in and had been very badly restored in many places but it had it’s own charm as a result. We walked around and heard the very many town guides telling their customers all sorts of stupid stories, trying to make it sound good.. Perhaps there were some good points but they looked difficult to find.

So after taking in as much as we could we had some lunch and caught our bus back to the plan our move on to the Krka national park.Hopefully it will be a good hike and some dramatic scenery.

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