Croatia Trip September 2015 Post 7

Day 23 Thursday 01/10/2015 – Still 94076 on Speedo
Did the normal chores paid the camping and left about 10:00. We had decided at the last minute to head for Trogir because Judy had read yesterday evening that it was really nice. After filling up with diesel we arrived in Trogir at about 11:00 and found a parking place just outside the town by the side of the river with only a few hundred yards to walk in. From across the bridge the town certainly looked nice.P1050090 Not Roman but certainly very old.P1050055 With a small but quite well preserved Castle at the sea end of the town.It turned out that the castle was built to house and defend the chief Tax collector in the days when the region was vying with Venice to be a major trading nation. We paid the small sum to have a look around and found it very interesting. there was some obvious damage to two of the castellated corner towers possibly from a long past battle but now it seemed to be mainly used for music events with a permanent stage set up inside the walls. Climbing the steep steps through tiny P1050063passageways then an almost vertical ladder was challenging but P1050062rewarded us with a very nice rooftop view of the old town. Which turned out to be a maze of tiny streets paved with shiny marble cobbles.
Even though it was a lived-in town, It had a much better feel of care rather than the neglect we experienced in Split. Though to be fair most people we have since talked to say they really liked Split, But a lot of that was that the town by all accounts came alive at night. Perhaps we should have paid to go into the P1050074underground parts of the old Roman town to have experienced it fully. Oh well perhaps a reason to visit again.
We walked back to the camper really glad we had taken the time to visit Trogir.
So we set course to our next stop as a base to visit the lakes and waterfalls of Krka National Park about an hour and a half’s drive across the mountains.
We arrived at Camp Krka at about 3:30 to be met by the lady owner with a big smile (quite unusual in Croatia) who said as we climbed out of the van, “Hello, you must be Steve & Judy”.. We were a bit flummoxed by that until we realised that she was just a good business woman and had read our names off a card we had in the window from a rally we had attended last year.Much relaxed by our welcome we booked in and she told us how to get to the park in the morning.
Stopped at 15;30 – 94162 – only 86km today – Camp Krka, Lozovac – 43.800633N, 15.942100E

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