Croatia Trip September/October 2015 Last Post

Day 33  Sunday 11/10/2015 – 95826 on Speedo

Sunday dawned bright with the promise of being sunny later so we went for a walk to find out whatP1050405 was around us. Basically Carnon the town was one big holiday resort with nearly every house, at least near the beach that we saw being holiday apartments. Walking away from the beach we found the town and public library, which although closed had wi-fi but only ten minutes free which is good, enough to download emails but not enough for uploading the blog. The daily rate was really expensive so we didn’t bother.

There was an enormous Vide-Grenier  (Boot-Sale) in progress so we had a little wander through but as usual nothing was priced so few people were buying. I really can’t understand that, the last one we did with the Hobby-Lobby we priced everything and nearly sold it all. At least it gives a starting point for negotiation and when we were retailers if something wasn’t priced rarely would anybody ask the price.

So we wandered back to the van and on the way found a “FON” wi-fi network to connect to and managed to upload Post 10 to the blog. Hope you received it OK.

Judy wanted to visit an art shop in Montpellier so we decided to move to a parking place Steve had found in the city. TomTom got us close but very tight streets and one ways made it impossible for us to get to it. Looking on Google Earth at home later we could see that it is in fact a large car park with trucks parked in it so there must be a way in if you know the one way streets.

So we found the shop which was an industrial unit but decided this would be best tackled in the car some time. So we set TomTom for home and arrived at about 21:30 so just slept in the van rather than opening up the house.

Stopped at 21:30 – 96039 – 213km today – 11/10/2015 – HOME

Holiday Stats

Total distance = 4,939 Km (3,069 Miles)  averaging about 24 MPG
583 Litres of Diesel at an average of 1.19 per litre
Total Toll costs was €115 not bad considering the two very large sections of toll roads we used to get across big chunks of Italy.
Time Away = 30 nights with 14 Camp sites costing €453 for a total of 26 nights
so an average of €17.42 a night.
Obviously Venice at €53 for one night was high, but not bad really for a day and a half  just a short walk from the city. We could have stayed on a site on the mainland and caught a bus but not nearly as convenient. Without Venice the sites averaged out at just less than €16 per night.

 Below is the complete trace of our route from home and back.


The little yellow Smileys are each of our overnight stops.


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