Our Shiny New Blog

Well not quite shiny because it is still work in progress but IT IS NOW LIVE and you are reading it.

Why did we change it? Well….

We were talking to a couple about Italy because they were planning a trip there. So I suggested they could read about the great trip that we did, on our blog, but when I started to explain how they could do so I realised that it was just too difficult to do because it was organised backwards chronologically.  OK, those who read it as we went along could follow and hopefully enjoyed it because they read each post in order. But anybody coming to it from us sending them there or who had found it on Google, well, they probably left quite quickly.

For some time I have been dissatisfied with our blog for that reason, there are some complicated hacks to the coding available but Google are forever changing things so it will inevitably break.

For some time I have been impressed by the functionality of other blogs on the WordPress BloggertoWordpress2platform so while we were stopped at Lagos with very good, internet, (more about Lagos in a future blog), I decided to investigate, open a WordPress account and try their free platform, which I know has some limitations like Google but perhaps worth a try before stumping up to pay for space on a server.

I would have liked to make it look exactly the same as the one on Blogger, for continuity but with the free version there are limited themes available and it is not possible to access the HTML coding (as far as I have found so far). I finally decided a freshen up wouldn’t hurt anyway so worked my way through all the Themes until I found one which was fairly close to the design I had in mind. I probably will have to move to a paid platform eventually though as I learn more and try to add some twiddles that need access to the HTML code. The best thing is that I managed to copy the whole site across so all my previous posts are still on here but much more accessible by also being arranged chronologically under the “Our Tours” tab.

So if you take a little look around, the landing page from entering the address is a static page Home page where I say a little about us, at the moment it just explains how we got our name.

There is a link on the navigation bar to the traditional blog with the most recent ones first but I think in a neater format and showing a picture for each one.

The next link is to “Our Tours” which drops down to show a link to each tour  with the posts arranged in Chronological order, which is just what I wanted to do and the main reason for the change. I have got the main functionality working fine but the page design still needs a bit of tweaking but tweaking is limited in the free version so we shall see how I get on in time.

The next link is for “Useful Info”, this could be anything interesting relating to Motomes or something we want to remember like the information sheet we produced to print out with all our details as needed by the Moroccan police on check points.

Thanks for coming over to our new site, please have a good look around and please feel free to comment or criticise if you spot something not quite right.


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