Northward Bound Vinuela to Javea (Xàbia)

Saturday 17th February 2018. Leaving the Vinuela lake/reservoir we pointed TomTom to a wild camping spot near Salobrenna about 70 km away, (N36.74047, W3.59545). We found it last year and thought it was a good spot from where we could walk along the beach into the town for a nice meal.  Unfortunately it had become popular and was quite full so we were parked in the middle. Some hippy kids were riding their bikes around a bit too unsteadily for comfort and we thought that at any minute a brake leaver would scratch along the side of poor Jemima the Hymer, so after a cup of coffee we re-set TomTom towards a really nice free Camper Stop we had also found last year, another 230 km  but all on motorway standard roads so not too far.Huercal-Overa Aire

We arrived at the Camper Stop/Aire at Huércal-Overa at about 2:15 p.m. It’s a good place just off the main E-15 road with very good free dumping and 100lt of water for only about 50 cents, with a token from the nearby swimming pool office, (N37.39773, W1.94589). It could probably take 50 motorhomes with no problems.  We walked into the town and there were quite a few restaurants but they were just finishing off the lunch period so we walked back again in the evening and all the restaurants we had seen only seemed to be serving drinks, or we didn’t see anybody eating which is unusual for Spain which tends to have an evening eating culture, even though it was Saturday night, so back to the van for a quick Pizza from the fridge.

Sunday morning we were up early to point the van towards Quesada (N38.06623, W0.73133) which has a fantastic Fish & Chip restaurant which we had really been looking forward  to. Just 170 km and we arrived at 12:15 and enjoyed a really good Sunday special Fish-n-Chip meal.

Next stop was a nights roadside parking outside an Iceland shop near La Marina for a bit of shopping for bacon and a few English goods on Monday morning. There is also a very cheap Ghol fuel station near there with a laundromat so we could fill up with cheap diesel and do our washing and the nice attendant also gave us the wifi code so we could do a bit of on-line stuff while our washing was doing, to save a bit of our data before moving a few hundred yards to a quieter street with no houses around to settle down for the night.

So, stocked up with bacon and a few other bits that are difficult to get or very expensive in France we headed off to Calpe. It was our first time there last year and we quite enjoyed it. We were taken to a fantastic Chinese restaurant by friends and fancied trying it again.

When we arrived at the lakeside patch of waste ground we had stayed on last year it was closed off and being turned into a leisure area but, a few hundred meters further on there was a street with no houses in it which had parking bays on both sides which were full of Motorhomes. So we found the last free place and parked up. Talking to some others there it appeared that all the Camper Stops were full and the police were not bothering any of the Motorhomes parked on the streets which had no houses in them. We spent Monday & Tuesday nights there quite peacefully and enjoyed nice walks along the long prom and also had our excellent Chinese meal.

We had hoped to meet up with the friends who had moved from near us in France to Javia, but they again unfortunately were busy but as we had never been to Javea we decided to go there anyway. We set TomTom for the coordinates of their road basically to see if we would be able to park there if we came to visit again but were foiled by a very tight hairpin bend which we would have had to do a bit of shunting to turn into, certainly not possible with the number of cars there at that time so we carried on towards the town where we found a nice bit of ground with a small go cart track which was closed for the winter and a few motorhomes were parked on it. One of them was a guy Steve had chatted to in Calpe. He said it was private land and the owner was happy for us to park there out of season. We only stayed a couple of hours to have a little walk about but it looked a nice town with plenty to see and do so worth a look another year.

We had ten days left before we had planned to return to our house in France so had a look at the map and downloaded the weather forecast for the next week which looked good so we decided to head for the Ebro Delta which is a very large triangular area which is mainly used for rice growing. But a large part of the coast has been designated a National Park. It is a lovely place which we had visited many times but the beach we used to park on would no longer allow motorhomes. So we looked on the Park-4-Night app on our tablet and saw a camper stop we didn’t know about right beside a very large lake. The information said it was free with space for about fifty motorhomes but there was a charge for water and dumping. It sounded great so we again set TomTom for the coordinates, stopping for Wednesday night at a little deserted seaside town near Puçol a little north of Valencia.

Well a lot of travelling this time, about 800 km and not many photo’s to use but I think we should make up for it in the next post.

I am sorry if you had a strange empty post today. I re-installed some blogging software called Open live writer a fantastic windows program for preparing the Blog off-line and part of the process posts an empty file which it deletes immediately but the WordPress servers reacted too quickly and sent out the post before it could be deleted.

So till next time…..

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