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Hi all, to those of you who are already subscribed to this blog, sorry if you have had a few emails saying there is a new post, I have been trying to move the USA tour to another page but found that the blog system doesn’t work that way. Any way here are the first … More Our Italy Blog

ITALY 20013

Monday 14/10/2013 Left early from the site on the first shuttle again, in Rome we walked to the Vodafone shop and bought the Italian sym for our phone which would also give us 2gb of data for €20 which they said would last the month we needed. From there to the Pantheon equipped with our … More ITALY 20013


Hi story it has been a few days since our last update, we have been rather busy. Thursday 24/10/2013 A nice quiet night in our holiday park in the mountains so on the road early heading  north towards Rimini a beautiful drive through the mountain going through many long tunnels, the Italians really do know … More ITALY TOUR 2013


Sorry about the last blog, hadn’t realised a week had gone by. Tuesday 29/10/2013 Steve decided overnight that it would be better to use bikes as we had to get to a particular street in Florence by 9am tomorrow for Judy’s special 70th Birthday treat from Nikki  and Kerry. And we’re not too sure of the … More ITALY TOUR 2013


Sorry another week between blogs, we have been just soo busy! Saturday 02/11/2013 Left our parking early at  07:30 to avoid the crowds that may developed later as this Festival is probably for the whole weekend although it had started raining which was a terrible shame for all those people in their wonderful costumes. We … More ITALIAN TOUR