Florida Adventure 2015

Hi All, sorry about the last blog, I decided to add a couple of photos and posted it by email which resulted in breaking the blog. It is obviously easier to email it but it obviously can only handle text . So I had to go online and manually edit the post to fix it. More haste less speed.

MONDAY 19th January

We got up early for the long drive to Key West and back. 125 miles each way on mainly a single carriage road with constantly changing speed limits. Not wanting to get caught speeding We just set the cruise control and poodled along which resulted in some quite aggressive behaviour from large trucks and SUV's who would drive right up close and push and flash.

We arrived safely and found some parking near to the most southerly point of continental USA and had a stroll around for about three hours. It was very busy, being a holiday weekend and there were three large cruise ships in the harbour. But it was a very clean and friendly place with various trolley, land train or bicycle tours as well as many little electric golf buggy type cars which could be hired.

We had already checked the accommodation situation which was pretty well full which is why we had booked in Florida City and visited Key West as a day trip.

So we arrived back quite tired so a nice steak meal and bed because we have to move on tomorrow.

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